Digital eMenu software (project reference)

We have developed complex e-menu, digital menu, digital ordering, full featured POS software. It’s working at local network: from client tablet or other touch devices orders goes to server-POS application and then to orders monitoring interface. You can see process flow on video:

Please send email if you want software sample set.

InForm Interactive Presentation (project reference)

Our inForm software is great tool for quick development of touch-screen friendly interactive non-linear presentations to run on any Windows devices: tablet, laptop, kiosk.

You can make interactive presentation with our help or by yourself just in few steps:

  • design content at your favorite graphic editor (e.g. Photoshop)
  • export content to images (just save as JPEG/PNG according to desired content structure) or videos
  • run  inForm application

Our latest client – Mubadala Petroleum, after few unsatisfactory attempts with other software, finally goes to iSSimple inForm for interactive presentation need and to our services to create interface and content:

Have to mention, that lags on video are due Full HD resolution screen capture by CPU high consuming application. At real life it’s all smooth.


Digital Ordering for hotels, villas, residences


Your property is quite popular, comes with great level of services, features and facilities, your interior design is perfect, dinner menu is outstanding delicious… so what can wish more?


Digital Signage is an Essential Business Tool – infographic

Here is great and clear

infographic from, showing key statistic and proving Digital Signage as an Essential and Modern Business Tool:



Interactive screen for Unilever Homecare

Promotional ADs

+ interactive products selection from single screen.

Digital Menu software updates

Here are some updates for our Digital Menu and Remote Ordering software: reworked XLS database template (it’s where you can fill in unlimited q-ty of items for unlimited categories on various languages with numerous options and price settings), then options interface have got major updates and it’s under processing with delivery-to-time feature integration.



Smart home – lights control from tablet

That is tablet interface for centralized lights control system for 350m2 villa project.

It looks quite simple as common switch on wall – button pressed, light turns on, press again – turns off. But if you look behind, then systems is much

more complicated:


So then you can setup schedule for each specific light group and link lights to events and sensors, that will finally makes home really smart.

Interactive catalog for Lion company event

That interactive touch-catalog was developed based on out TreeNavigator software with future capability to make orders from screen:

How it works from back-end: just feed catalog data into tree-structured XML file and create images for each button and product description. Then can run .exe on any Windows device: tablet, kiosk, wall-mounted all-in-one PC. That can use et events like exhibition, product or brand presentation, at stores for revel full products line with details, at corporate HQ for team learning and finally to make orders at quick service shops.

Project was done with our partner at Bangkok – Kudoz company.

Self-service ordering kiosks for Restaurants

Here is some info-graphics from our hardware partner.

So most of all people can clearly see, that there is no any need to have staff to receive orders and take payment. And major part vote for using kiosks at fast food chains and

quick service restaurants.



Your iSSiMenu software is a great solution and user interface to arrange such quick ordering process with stand-alone kiosks or wall mounted devices.

Interactive Parallax Slideshow

How to present complex ideas with mix of images, videos, infographics and even cartoon characters at clear and interactive way? Here is our SlideFlow software:

Application was created for “SCG Experience” show:


While graphic content

was carefully designed with our partner at Bangkok – Kudoz


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