Interactive Digital Signage – InfoSignage (BETA)

Images and video content playback for digital advertisement, video walls and any kind of information boards. Live tiles, build-in transitions and animations, touch interaction support. Easy content share and delivery with Cloud. Powerful content manager. Windows platform, .NET Framework 4.5.

InfoSignage – Network Digital Signage software system

View and Touch YouTube videos

  • Cloud based content delivery
  • Client and CMS applicaions
  • Interactivity with touch gestures
  • Windows 8 style (Metro UI) Live Tiles
  • Image, video, RSS, twitter feeds content


Digital Signage Applications:

  • Public information display
  • Corporate and organization information
  • Advertisement media
  • Identity and branding signage
  • Attention focus tool and navigation
  • Environment improvement tool
  • Customer’s experience expansion

 Client software features:

  • flexible content grid
  • image and video content blocks as animated live tiles
  • RSS/Twitter online news feed
  • emergency mode notification
  • interactivity (pre-released), touch gestures
  • power management (not released yet)
  • music playback support (not released yet)
  • motion sensor support

Live tile features:

  • scrolling images or videos with duration setup
  • video loops
  • background image
  • foreground image with transparency
  • image mask for animation effect
  • top and bottom text blocks with font size and color setup
  • gif cinemagram support
  • wide/tall images automatic scroll

Cloud content delivery and store:

  • Secure and flexible content storage
  • Any location access
  • Caching and backups
  • Scalable structure



 Content Management System




Download Alpha version:

1. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5:

2. iNFOSignage Client+CMS :

(press F12 to switch to CMS mode, F12 – back to display mode)

3. Step-by-step instructions: