Other and customized touch apps

We are also developing customized interactive and digital signage software, based on our exist products, technologies and know-hows. Development tools depends on project requirements and usually are mix of .NET, WPF and web-technolgies.

Here are some of customized applications developed for our clients.

Interactive Map

iNFOMap – interactive map, plan, layout navigation with active areas information access.

Interactive Map software video on YouTube

Features: fully managed content, multiple background layers, active labels setup by coordinations, opacity level setup for each label, XPS format for information content (can be exported directly from Micorsoft PowerPoint, Word, Excel), automatic information content page scroll with icons and manual with gestures

iSSimple iNFOMap software active map

iSSimple iNFOMap software XPS content

Indonesian Emabassy in Bangkok information system sample

Touch Controlled Slides

iNFOSlide – simple software for information or advertisement applications. Display image slide show at automatic mode and also provide touch user interface for select slides manually.

DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION (Require Microsoft Framework 4)

Basic features: logo area static image, time and date, JPG format slides, icons for manual slides selection, touch gesture slide, event sounds

Advanced features available: display text messages from data file, Twitter or RSS feed, network content management, emergency mode (full screen alert with sound), background music, video slides content, single XPS document slides content (direct export from Microsoft Office documents), special effects image transition, schedule setup

iNFOSlide - handy solution for public places information and digital sigange

iNFOSlide - Interactive slide show touch screen application

CamPaint – Touch Inks Painter

CamPaint – get image from your web-camera or open file from disk and paint over with Microsoft Ink Tools. Software is adapted for touch screen interface and FREE for download and use.
NEW Release: DOWNLOAD CamPaint 1.2
Required: Microsoft Framework 4

Version 1.2 new features: drag-and-drop images to application, window move support, few interface and file saving fixes
Future versions features: picture emailing (facebooking, twittering), better brush selection interface, drag-out for save file, save/load ink strokes, desktop image capture

Download CamPaint 1.1



CamPaint camera

CamPaint touch screen application

CamPaint paint over camera view

Pan, zoom, rotate presentation


Pan, zoom, rotate presentation software, working with large content image file, based on Microsoft .NET+WPF, now in beta version stage. Easy step-by-step setup in few clicks (or touches), adjustable transition time.

Beta version: DOWNLOAD SpaceNavigator

Required: Microsoft Framework 4

Windows 8 Native Apps

XML Tree Visual Navigation

This onw was developed for Unilever home care consumer products navigation and selection using touch screen graphical interface.


Customized interactive application for in-store promoted products display


Content management application


SlideFlow – Interactive Parallax Slideshow

With SlideFlow you can do attractive touch-ready parallax slideshow presentations with active areas on each slide.

Software is working on Windows platform only, it’s supposed to run on full-screen mode at touch screen kiosks.

SlideFlow will be good solution for exhibition, sales office, interactive education. It’s even ok for re-create your common PowerPoint presentation, but you should have enough experience with software like Photoshop for create layers.

Main content structure:

  • static background
  • common parallax background
  • slides with 3 parallax layers each
  • common parallax foreground

For each slide you can add active areas for sub-content:

a. static PNG image
b. parallax PNG images set (up to 9)
c. sub-content slideshow
d. AVI video

You can feed content into software just with files copy-paste into software data folder.

On 1st home slide you can also enable special feature – static zoom and animation.

Here is SlideFlow with content build for our client:

iNFOTime – Schedule and Meetings display

This one is under development and demo will be released later.

iNFONavigator – Navigation and Directory

iNFONavigator – building directory and navigation software with advertisement functions.

Software features: home page advertisement slides or video clips, floors selection, icons for tenants, navigation multi-layer layout with zooming, information block for each tenant, home page main menu with main category selection (for example – directory, area navigation, events calendar, promotions, contacts, feedback).

iNFONavigator software now is under development.

iNFONavigator building directory software


iNFONavigator software adv slides

iNFONavigator software floors selection


Digital Signage vs Printed Media

Big Size Kioks vs Compact All-in-One

Digital Signage double screen

Custom navigation software:

sathorn square floor plan interactive beta
still not final
can look around sathorn square