eMenu and POS software for Windows – IsSimpleMenu

Running on any Windows device IsSimpleMenu works as complete eMenu / eOrdering + POS solution. With modern animated interface and lots of customizable features system can replace your human waitress or help them servicing clients, providing handy and beautiful digital menu on tablets. Monitoring screens at kitchen or bar will display all incoming orders flow together with “ready-to-serve” feedback capability. Finally server tablet is working as POS for orders management, printing bills and receipts.

System is new, so it FREE targeting more people can use it. Unless you will required for lots of support, following up of your project, customization or any code updates, integration with 3rd side software products.

Interactive Ordering Interface for any needs

As well as common printed menu replacement IsSimpleMenu can do remote ordering interface job. That means you can have touchscreen devices installed at remote locations (as hotel rooms or villas across resort) to order, request, book items. It’s much more visual and easy to use, then any phone calls or numerous prints, commonly applied in present.

Applications hints

  • any kinds of restaurants for self-service or waitress support
  • apartments, hotel, resort, hospital ward for in-room service
  • karaoke, club
  • virtual shopping



POS application interface – device connection status

Client home screen

Language selection on home screen

Waitress service menu – table and user selection

Ordering interface – icons view

Item and options view at ordering interface

Food icons

Check out screen

Incoming order at POS side

Checking out at POS side

Incoming order at monitoring app


You have to copy all files and folders to your local Windows PC, notebook or tablet. Then read NOTES files. Main for local run is to setup right DataPath at client.ini, server.ini and monitor.ini. Then on next stage you can try to change server IP at cfg.ini.

Detailed instructions will come later. Any urgent questions – send me email to [email protected]