Non-linear Interactive Presentation app – inForm v2.3

Now you can create interactive interfaces and presentations without programming


inForm is next generation of our “interactive presentation” software, featured with full freedom for menu, content icons and content slides design and placement. You can design your interface and slides right at Photoshop for full screen layout, then save as PNG with transparency and feed into inForm software to get own interactive application.





“XML home screen” feature of inForm software provides home screen design capability similar to iNFOSignage software. So now it’s also available to design sectioned screen with animated slides blocks.

Downloading inForm with demo content:


1. Demo project…

Extract project files to folder and then download main executables.


2. Software core…

Extract and run setup.exe, then select .project file from previous point.

Important notes:

  • please skip all Windows warning messages while downloading and running setup files
  • for exit from full-screen inForm application you can use ALT+F4
  • system menu is activated by 5 times click/tap on logo area (top-left area at demo project)

Finally you should get this app on screen:

What you can do with inForm?

Here is few samples of ready interfaces, created with our software:

inForm as Gadget


If setup inForm on tablet, then you will get handy portable kit for sales manager. Feed inForm to huge touch-TV at your showroom or meeting room, so will get cool device tor support any presentation and interactive learning needs. inFrom on kiosk will help you at exhibition.

Pricing and license

You can use software for free for non-profit applications. If need use for business, then please contact. You can pay by PayPal or by T/T to bank account. Price you can suggest yourself.

Information for previous version

Build your own interactive app for company or product presentation, catalog or directory. Multi-level structure, image and video contents, transition effects and animations. Here are also multi-touch content zooming and panning, touch-ink marker tool and content share features. Powered by Microsoft .NET, working on Windows platform.


Simple and clear interface. Easy product presentation. Any content support. Multiple levels structure. Easy to update and modify content. Short deployment time. Any resolution support. Hardware rendered animation. Effects, sounds, video, 3D.


iNFO – universal software based on Microsoft .NET and WPF technologies for build your own interactive presentation, information, advertisement, directory, navigation, catalog system. Simpler, iNFO is interactive applications CMS.

DOWNLOAD DEMO (.exe, 10Mb)
Download Microsoft Framework 4 (required)
View content editing manual

Software features:

  • multi-level structure (main menu items, subitem, additional items data)
  • any screen resolution/size support, dynamic stretch and align of content
  • static image background or video background
  • easy data update, each unit can collect data from one server using network
  • support video, flash, panorama content, big picture (map, newspaper scan)
  • animation, sounds, music, shadow, glow and transparency effects
  • data/time on home screen, dynamic text block, auto-home feature
  • possible to connect with internet, email, dynamic content sources
  • multi-touch features, can connect with touchless Microsoft Kinect control
  • content slides virtual touch ink notes and email sharing


  • Company, service, product presentation
  • Quick structured information provider
  • Portable sales support kit
  • Interactive products catalog
  • Digital signage (information, directory, navigation)
  • 3D, Flash, video content access platform
  • Quick structured information provider

Hardware base:

  • Windows Tablet PC (Acer Iconia W500, Asus Transformer, etc.)
  • All-in-One touch screen PC (tabletop, wall mount)
  • Open frame touch LCD and All-in-One (flush mount)
  • Kiosk (small 19″ – 32″, big 42″ – 72″, vertical/horizontal )

Software base:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Microsoft Framework 4
  • Microsoft .NET+WPF core

Supported content types:
jpg, png, swf, 3ds, xps, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, wav, avi, html

View demo on YouTube
View Brochure
iNFO for Sales Support, application samples
Product Presentation with iNFO software
Hotel Information System based on iNFO

Versions and pricing:

Multi-level content 2 1 2 3
Language/root selector 2 2 up to 9
Sub-slides 2 1 2 2
Multitouch pan-titl-zoom + + +
Ink comments + +  +
Ink comments toolbar +  +
Content emailing + +  +
Extra feature customization  1
Support, tickets/month 1 4 12
Core price, THB 0 15000 30000 90000
Extra license, per year 0 1800 1800 1800
Core price, USD 0 500 1000 3000
Extra license, per year 0 60 60 60
* Applied for non-commercial use and special promotional packages


iSSimple iNFO Content Structure


Multi-Touch Pan, Zoom, Rotate at Windows 7
Virtual Ink Notes for slide share with Email

Acer Iconia Tab as hardware for iNFO Catalog

iSSimple iNFO as Acer Interactive Products Catalog on Acer Iconia Tab W500


Sample Content at Demo version

touch screen information system user interface

NFO for company Products and Services Presentation

iSSimple iNFO - LEE Architect interactive product presentation

Architecture company Interactive Catalog, 3D models supported

cpls pic2

Hotel Interactive Consierge Information and Navigation System

Office and retail building Interactive Presentation, customized solution

Customized Interactive Presentation – multi-layer map with touch navigation

iNFO - company interactive catalog, sales kit

Sales support Interactive Catalog and Products Presentation

iNFO - company interactive catalog, sales kit

Quick Preview Mode

iNFO for building Directory and Navigation

More iSSimple iNFO screenshots at Flickr…

Architect company products interactive presentation |
iSSimple iNFO interactive information and presentation software demo |